Thursday, January 10, 2013

I've Always Been a Teacher

As I was sitting at my desk tonight, reviewing my SPOT (Student Perception of Teaching) evaluations, I am reminded of why I want to be a professional teacher.  I could be doing a lot of other stuff right now, but reviewed my SPOT forms.  I always seem to want to do my teaching related tasks, much like my psychology homework when I took that course in undergrad.  I enjoy preparing for class, instructing class, and I can handle the grading.

I've always been a teacher.  I prepared my brother for school and he was able to start a year early.  My neighbor and I taught my brother colors and letters and numbers and who knows what else while he was little.  I guess it helps that D's a bright kid and he can still learn whatever he wants (although he won't learn something that he lacks interest in).  As early as middle school, I would study for tests by helping other people with questions they had...this became a dominant form of test prep in college.  I made most of my money growing up from mowing yards, but ever since becoming qualified to tutor more classes, I have done most of my side hustling by tutoring.  I've tutored chemistry, spanish, math, econ, and maybe even other stuff.

I like to teach people who are willing to learn.  It's very satisfying when students "get" a concept.  I like to be able to help them reach a new level of understanding.  In the professional setting, I really hope that students can take what they learn in my class and apply it to their everyday lives and maybe even a more advanced class.

I started teaching very young and I hope I can continue until I'm very old.
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