Saturday, November 3, 2012

VO2 Max Update

I went to do my second VO2 max session for Emery's study on Thursday.  There was slight improvement because I got 65mgO2/kg weight/minute, up from 64 a couple weeks ago.  I still got stuck at the same part of the test (running up an 8% grade at 9.5mph aka 6:19 per mile)...but this time I lasted about 15-20 seconds longer than last time.

We determined that my speed for the downhill run (DHR) portion of the test will be 9.4mph.  That's pretty cool because the farthest I've ever run in an hour is 9.32 miles (well, I ran a 15k in 59:52).  I'll be running down a 5% grade for that entire hour.  I think it'll start to hurt after 40 minutes.  I guess the whole goal of the study is to make sure that I'm extremely sore.  There are moments when I wonder exactly what would make me sign up for something like this...but then I think it's cool again.
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