Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Unappreciated for Tri the Rez

I had requested free entry to Tri the Rez this year, but the Triathlon Club at FSU has declined my request.  We had a little meeting tonight to discuss why.  Basically, the club does not think that I deserve a free race entry just because I founded the race and served as race director for two years.  The race earned $100 the first year, $1,000 the second year, and $5,000 last year.  I was not race director last year, but much of that money is due to the reputation that I built in the first two years.  I did race for free last year and it was amazing.  I got race number 1 and the best spot in transition.  It was the most fun I've ever had in a race because I got to see my course in action.  I think it is completely fair to get  a free race entry at a minimum for each year I was RD.

Let me also mention that I took a big gamble on this race.  The club did not have any money at the time, so I financed Tri the Rez the first year on my credit card, hoping that I could attract enough entry fees to cover the costs.  My gamble paid off and the club was the beneficiary.  I cannot believe that they told me that I should not be rewarded for this past gamble.

The club sees this race as a fundraiser and thinks that letting me race for free will detract from the profits the race earns.  They're right about that.  I predict the race will make $8,000 this year.  It would have made $0 if I had not started it.  When I asked what they would do with the extra money they made from my entry they did not answer.  When I asked again, the question was evaded again.  The race would not be harmed in any way by giving me free entry.

In all the service that I did for the club, Race Director was the toughest.  It's way harder than president or treasurer.

I don't care about the money, but a nice gesture would be great.  Turns out that I ended up with a $15 discount versus what everybody else pays right generous.  I told the officers never to ask me for anything else to help "the club."  I will still help individual members as I always have, but this feels like a giant stab of betrayal from a club to which I have given so much.

I really wish I could go on a run and think about this/cool off, but I'm a participating in an exercise research study tomorrow and I'm not allowed to run! #firstworldproblems
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