Friday, October 26, 2012

Allow Steroids in Professional Sports

Everybody's on performance enhancers, especially pro athletes.  Even if it's not "drugs" or "doping," cyclists can sleep in altitude chambers or go train in the Andes mountains.  Same thing...trying to gain an edge over the competition.  We should come to expect this from our athletes.  All the guys Lance beat were doping.  All those homerun sluggers are doping.  Maybe they're not on "banned substances" but you can bet they're at least taking protein powders and creatine.  Why stop there?  Let HGH be legal.  Right now we are penalizing pro athletes who want to "play by the rules."  Let the rules say that anyone can take steroids or whatever else...then the honest people don't have to worry about getting left behind.  It would level the playing field and make the players a bit bigger.  I think it would make sports more spectator friendly.  And athletes could get legitimate medical advice and attention with respect to these chemicals.  Players would not be forced to take anything so anyone opposed to a particular substance can abstain.  Who loses here?  Nobody.
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