Thursday, April 12, 2012

Miser May

Frugal February was so successful (and I've had to spend a lot of money since then) that I'm going to try for a "Miser May" following nearly the same rules.  I will be able to spend money on home repairs.  Beginning of May is a good time for that in my schedule and I don't want to delay fixing things.  I'm allowing myself an exception that I can sky dive with Erin for our anniversary since we've planned that in advance.  (update...not going skydiving, so I can spend money on something else for the anniversary.)  I'm also allowing purchase of Groupons and the use of them, no matter the expiration.  I'm going to make the Google Document detailing all my expenditures once again and I hope to put a good deal away in savings.

I didn't do any dumpster diving in February, but this might be a way to increase my consumption without spending more money.

If Miser May is successful, I may consider doing this again later in the year (Stingy September?).  Maybe this will turn into a regular thing where I take 1, 2, or 3 months out of the year and attempt to save a significant amount of my income by not spending it.
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