Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Bike Shop in Vero Beach

Today I went to Bicycle Sport to get pedal washers for the Uno.  It's definitely the best bike shop in Vero.  My mom informed me that Bicycle Sport is where she bought my very first bike, a Giant ___model here_____.  It was a coaster brake model, I think it had 20" wheels.  I rode it from training wheels up until 6th grade when I got my Huffy Blades 26" mountain bike.  My parents wanted to get me a good bike but I insisted on a Huffy because other kids had them and I thought that made them cool.  What an idiot.

The pedal washers didn't fix my creaking noise.  I'm going to need to get a frame replacement.  Good thing it's under warranty.  I thought steel was supposed to be durable.  If you have any idea what's wrong, let me know...here are the symptoms:

My bike creaks when I pedal hard.  Not when I'm "coasting" or relaxing down a hill, but it will creak when I accelerate or climb.  It's not regular.  Not every pedal revolution or wheel revolution or chain revolution.  I can feel the creek in my feet.  I've replaced the bottom bracket, the pedals, tried a new rear wheel, put on the pedal washers, and lubed everything.  It's not the headset because I don't even have to touch the bars to get it to creak.  Not the seat either.  I'm open to suggestion.  FYI:  I wrecked my bike a few months back and maybe the frame incurred damage.

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