Sunday, August 7, 2011

My Diamondback is Fixed!

I fixed my Diamondback Peak yesterday at Damn Good Bikes. I'm so excited to have it operational again. The final fix was putting on a better rear derailer. Thanks to Justin Pogge for verifying that my frame was not bent.

I feel so good on that bike. I've ridden it more than any of my other bikes and I hope to have it around for a very long time. I practically have a new bike now...I have new brakes, new cassette, new chain, new derailer, new derailer hanger, new cables, new-to-me shifters, and new pedals stolen from my Kahuna (because I put my sweet pedals from the DB on my Kona 29er).

It's been pretty easy to neglect repair when I have another bike to commute on and nothing seemed to work right (I couldn't even adjust the old Tourney derailer to be in the proper alignment). Maybe now I'll put the rack back on and see how my saddle bags fit on it. I'm going to switch up commuting on my Uno and the Peak. Hooray.

p.s. sorry if you read all of this and it was unintelligible.
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