Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Science/Lab Themed Bathroom

I had an idea while brushing my teeth. It would be cool to decorate a bathroom with a science/lab theme. I already have a Periodic Table shower curtain and the thought of using a beaker (300mL?) for a toothbrush holder kicked off these other ideas:

wallpaper with molecular structures on it
safety shower style shower head (would need a flow restrictor)
lab style sink and bench style counters (you could hang a towel on the metal arm)
nalgene rinse bottle for soap dispenser (using thin soap like Dr. Bronners)

Anybody have other ideas? I was trying to think about ways to have the medicine cabinet look like some sort of lab storage.

note:  links are not necessarily the ideal products.  Many of the items I liked to are laboratory grade and therefore very expensive.  I think you could find/make some similar looking products way cheaper.  The wallpaper would probably have to be custom.
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