Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sock Guy Review

Sock Guy makes great looking socks. They fit nicely, especially the ones with elastic around the arch. I like their length and I don't usually have issues with the toe seam. Moisture wicking works fairly well, although not the best I've encountered. They're excellent for layering under dress socks or under a padded sock to form a dual layer sock for blister prevention.

Even though they've got those positive attributes, I don't think I'm very crazy about buying any more SG socks in the future. Of course I will if I want to support whatever is on the sock, but I will not buy them for performance. Sock Guy socks wear out much faster than other comparable socks. In fact, most of my worn out socks (with under 1,500 miles on them) have been Sock Guy. While Wigwam's Ironman socks tend to lose their elasticity around the ankle and Thorlos seem to stretch a bit, Sock Guy socks tend to become threadbare and sometimes they also lose the elasticity around the ankle. My problem areas are the back of the heel and sometimes the big toe. If I walk around in socks without wearing shoes (as I might do at home in the winter), then the sole begins to wear out. I haven't had this problem with DeFeet, Balga, Thorlo, Wigwam, Wright Sock, Save Our Soles, or any other technical sock I've worn.
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