Monday, March 21, 2011

Mighty (Tyvek) Wallet

A woman came in to Damn Good Bikes a couple weeks ago and pulled out a wallet made of Tyvek when it was time to pay. She said that she'd had it for years and it's still holding up nicely. I thought it was pretty cool. It's expandable! and waterproof. It didn't have the best credit card system, but it looked pretty tolerable. I think I might want one.

I was in Quarter Moon the other day and I saw a few. There was a really cool one that looks like this. Check out the website because they have tons of cool designs. Not all of the designs are at Quarter Moon, but if you want one, go to QM instead of buying online b/c it's cheaper and you can see them in person before buying. Plus you get to support a locally owned business for cheaper than buying online!
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