Sunday, February 6, 2011

Jessica's Wedding

I went to Orlando last weekend for Jessica's wedding. We've been friends since we were 5 years old and she chose me to be her best man. Or man of honor. AKA Bridesman. Not really a well established name for my role. I like "bride's best man." Anyhow...

I got there on Friday and got to spend some with the happy couple and meet the groom's parents & brother. The groom's dad doesn't speak English and the mom & brother are better in spanish, so I got to practice. His family was very nice. While it's not very convenient to have to translate for the in-laws, it might keep intrafamiliar tensions down a little. Of course, I think that Jessica has a nice family as well. Speaking of whom, it was nice to see all of them. It was also nice to see some of Jessica's friends whom I've missed seeing for a little while too.

Watching Jessica get married was a little weird when that idea is still so far away for me. We learned to drive together and graduated/went to college at the same time, we started seriously dating people about the same time. I guess this means that I could do it too some day.

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