Thursday, February 10, 2011


WARNING: The link below takes you to a site with very graphic images which you may find disturbing.

I was invited to a protest of an "anti-choice" group on campus over Facebook and I commented that it's not very nice to call the group anti-choice (do they call you "anti-life," etc). It turns out that the group calls themselves the "Anti-Choice Movement at FSU." They have a link on their fb page that takes you to this website which sells graphic pictures of aborted fetuses, presumably for protests/demonstrations.

While I am all for providing material to help make educated decisions, I can't help but think that the aborted fetuses used for these pictures have been mutilated by the same group. The mutilation really adds to the macabre nature of the photos, even if an intact fetus is an unpleasant sight.

I guess outlawing abortion may lead to a marginal reduction in the number of abortions, but what the anti-choice/pro-life side of the debate forgets is: if you eliminate legal channels for abortion, it's just going to be done in less regulated and sterile conditions. The life of the mother will be put at risk (which you should be against if you are "pro-life") as well due not only to shoddy procedures but also infections and aftermath. Another alternative to not having an abortion is to throw the baby in a dumpster or completely neglect it after birth. The economist will remind you that good intentions do not guarantee good outcomes. And speaking of economists, it may be interesting for these people to read Chapter 4 of Freakonomics.
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