Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Collegiate Nationals in Tallahassee?

I was talking with a representative of Visit Tallahassee who told me that he'd been in contact with a representative of USA Triathlon and that the city is interested in putting in a bid to get the 2013 and 2014 USAT Collegiate National Championship triathlon races hosted here in Tally. I was asked if I'd like to be on board...possibly as race director.

I read over the USAT booklet describing what they are looking for in a host city. I think that we have everything it takes here in Tallahassee. If the city gets behind this 100%, then we can have shuttle buses (if needed), closed course, cooperation from permitting agencies, etc. Tally's also ideal due to weather concerns (way warmer here in April than in farther north places). One disadvantage I see is that we are kind of in a corner of the country instead of the center. I guess that doesn't matter much for people who will fly anyway...Berkeley isn't going to drive to Kansas, so why's it matter that they have to fly here?

I'm looking around town at a few different possible venues. I'm obviously going to see how we could make this happen at the Rez before going on to other places. With the city's backing, I will be able to close roads and get into places that otherwise wouldn't be possible. I won't have to worry about my organization covering the cost of the race. This sounds like it would be a big next step in my race directing career (not that I want to turn race directing into my main source of income).

Of course, if FSU rocks this year's USAT Collegiate Nationals, then we will probably have a way better chance of getting the bid. If this happens, I imagine I'll stay in Tally for a few more years.
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