Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Found & Lost

A couple nights ago, I found my lost silver dollar.  Today, I lost my USB rechargeable tail light.  I had it clipped on to the under-seat bag on my 29er using the "backpack clip."  It must have flown off when I was crossing bumpy terrain.  I discovered its absence when I parked my bike.  If I didn't have to be at work so soon after that, then I would have backtracked.  It would probably have been easy to find because it was in flash mode.  I looked for it on the way home and couldn't find it.  The battery had certainly died by that time and maybe someone else picked it up.

That Serfas USL-TL60 is an amazing light for the money.  I will use the TL-411 until I either find my old light on the side of the trail or give up and order a new USL-TL60.  It's nice that Serfas uses a universal mount so that I can interchange the lights.
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