Sunday, September 8, 2013

Bulletproof Coffee

I have been drinking bulletproof-style coffee a few days a week since moving to PA.  At first I used coconut oil instead of MCT oil and up until Friday, I was using regular coffee beans instead of upgraded coffee beans.

When I first began drinking the bulletproof-style coffee, I found that it was pretty effective at keeping me full and pretty attentive.  I noticed the effects diminishing over time.  I decided to try the upgraded beans and here's what I found with my first cup of real deal bulletproof coffee:

1.  I tried a few sips of it black.  It went down very smoothly.  Comparing it to regular coffee is like comparing a fine whisky to Jack Daniels.

2.  When mixed with the butter and MCT oil, the resulting coffee tasted a bit buttery compared to when not using the upgraded beans.

3.  I felt really zoned in for a while at home but that may have gone away by the time I went to school.  I had a pretty hectic day but managed to plow through it.  I'm going to need to increase my sample size to determine if I get a giant performance boost.  Will update at some point in the future.
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