Thursday, December 6, 2012

Four Way Tie

Tonight was officer election night at the Golden Key meeting.  There are about 10 officer positions.  A few of them didn't need elections because people ran unopposed.  The historian spot was fairly highly sought after with 4 candidates.  Each of them gave a great speech about their qualifications and vision for GK.  They were all so good and just about as good as each other that I could not decide for whom to vote.  Turns out that everyone else (on average) must have felt the same way because there was a 4 way tie.  Oh, and I abstained! (Someone else voted for a fictional name)  I could have been the deciding vote...but I don't think that would have been very fair since I don't have a strong preference.  Now they are all going to have to put together a portfolio and the person who produces the best quality work gets the job.  In a room with ~30 other people, I'm surprised that it came down to the wire like that.  A 2 way tie would not have surprised me, but the 4 way was pretty interesting.
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