Monday, November 14, 2011

Mixed Use Development in Railroad Square

If you haven't seen, there is going to be a mixed use development in Railroad Square.  I think All Saints is going to be super pissed about the coffee shop in there.  I also don't know how well the ingress/egress is going to work with that tiny little stop sign and a traffic light one block south of there.  Some of the floor plans look insanely tiny.

I really like the idea of building using otherwise-rotting shipping containers.  The location is good for students.  I wonder what they mean by "below market" rents and who is going to pay the difference.

As for the site, I'm not sure where the buildings are going to go unless they tear down The Other Side.  There doesn't seem to be enough land between the road and the canal.  I'm looking forward to seeing something start to take shape in that space though.

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