Saturday, October 29, 2011

Put Liquids in Your Checked Luggage

What are my options regarding liquids if I don't want to pay at least $25 each way (and wait at the baggage claim) to check my luggage? The TSA website says that each traveler can't bring bottles bigger than 100mL each and they all have to be contained in a 1 quart bag. They say the 100mL size restriction is a safety measure. What's going to stop a bad guy from flying with 4-5 other bad guys and each splitting up the volume of liquid?

In fact, it wouldn't be too hard for separate bad guy to go through separate screening places and not raise any suspicions and maybe combine their couple hundred milliliters of inert stuff into boom juice once past security (and even before getting on the plane). It's nuts to make me go out and buy travel sized crap just so I can fly. Maybe I have small bottles at home that I can refill myself and that's better than buying stuff, but why can't I take my recently opened tube of toothpaste if I have the space for it? This is a pointless and arbitrary rule and it's slowing everyone down. Stop the guy trying to bring high odor mineral spirits on the plane or maybe 8 molar hydrofluoric acid...leave me alone with my cologne and shampoo. You can't even carry on canned food if there's liquid inside which seems to rule out everything except refried beans. Frustrating.
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