Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bad News for Race

The Leon County Sheriff's Office informed me yesterday that they can't do the race on November 14th because the fair is in town. I asked how early the fair opens...can't we get the race done before that so the officers could work both? They told me that their officers can only work so many hours in a day. There's absolutely no way that they could do it on that date.

It took them one month to get back to me with that response. I emailed the special events department on July 24th about the race and I got a response on July 29th asking if I was planning on paying for the cops or if I wanted the LCSO to incur the cost. I just assumed that I would pay for the law enforcement. BUT BUT BUT didn't they know about the fair on July 29th? Couldn't they have told me so I didn't pour my heart out into organizing all kinds of stuff for this race? We wouldn't have announced it to people and we wouldn't have wasted the time of the t-shirt vendor, the Rez staff, the timer, ME, other tri club members, the Sports Club Program, etc.

There is one last hope, Obi Wan, and that's the FHP. I called them and haven't heard back yet. This ball needs to get rolling soon. I guess if worst comes to worst, we can reschedule the race for spring.
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